right- not two years ago i got myself a modem and email address to keep in contact with someone particular (with whom i was planning to attempt a long distance relationship). well, now, we have been living together for 18months, and the point of the internet connection seemed moot, until i started reading blogs – oh boy! a world full of periodicals – radicals, and let downs. i have become something of a social networking junkie – put it like this, my morning used to start with a pee and a tea, now i cannot move from the warm sleep spot until i’ve checked the tweets i missed while i was sleeping – so many things happening in so many time zones – i love;  my smart phone, that the world is round, and the love of my life used to live 1400kms away, which made me shake off my technophobia, and jump into the web barefoot. that’s how you find me naked and smiling hello – for now;)

everything ends where it begins


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