It’s ON

For those following the saga of the wedding, you’ll know that it took me by surprise, and then we hit the Home Affairs road block… Well I’m happy to announce that the road block is cleared and the wedding is set for April the third… Yipeeee! Almost exactly one month from today.

It seems strange to me that if you want something, you have to release your attachment to it. I was so upset when it seemed that we would have to postpone the wedding, it was like a black storm cloud hanging over my head, and i was driving (not only) myself crazy, over thinking, and questioning “what does this mean?” “is this a sign?”

The answers are simple – what does this mean? it means you have to deal with some red tape and it is a sign to keep your documents in order  – that’s all.

Now to plan the invitations to an entirely online wedding – we will be streaming our ceremony live to the web for any and all to join us. Will keep you posted as we go xxx Just had to publish my joy and relief!


3 thoughts on “It’s ON

  1. zita voggeneder says:

    dear dear friend…what time and where and I’ll be there!!!!
    this is really exciting news, although I knew that it was acoming…it is now almost here.
    love to you both

  2. ally says:

    Hi there Nicky,
    So glad everything’s in place and ready to go! We are over the moon about your news and wish you the happiness and love you deserve from your special man.
    I’m really excited about the live streaming. Please , Please Please….we too will be able to ‘participate’. Hoooray!
    Lots of love. xxxxxx

  3. nicoletheron says:

    Yes – the idea is to make it possible for as many people as want to share in our declaration of love, to be enabled to do so regardless of geography, because we have felt strengthened, nurtured, and uplifted by being witness to such love. It is our deepest desire to spread that love, sow the seeds, and give back to as many as have given so freely to us. As soon as I have the details regarding the streaming i will update through facebook and my twitter feed (@NicoleTheron) Michael will also be using the social media to spread the word, please feel free to send the invitation on to your friends or retweet to your followers, that is the whole idea behind our little dream… Love Love Love to you both xxx

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