Recently i was reflecting daydream tripping through the flint of memory. I saw myself walking to “town” after school with my girlfriend. Chattering, singing together, dreaming of a life far away from here, and being friends forever. My mind shifts to the last time i saw her, my tiny 6 week old baby in my arms on the back seat of her car. I see that little girl on the first day of school, her whisps of blonde hair in tangles down her back. Blue eyes shining with nervous excitement. In those eyes, i see my grandmother’s eyes shining with shame and distaste, her teeth clenched as she asks the sales assistant for help with “unmentionables”…that word got me to thinking about what we don’t mention. What falls from discussion soon misses attention, and in time vanishes from practice.

With that in mind i would like to mention here that the use of simple essential oil synergistic and massage blends have been a great help to me in support of my “unmentionable” menstrual cycle.  I’d like to share the blend recipes here. These are from Valerie Ann Worwood’s complete guide to Aromatherapy & Essential oils “The Fragrant Pharmacy”  If you happen to be a guy and reading this, perhaps this information is something you could act on. Putting these oils together is as easy as reading the formula. After that you just drip the oils in the bath water, most ladies would really like that!

To make a massage blend, you dilute the essential oils into carrier oil making it safe to apply them to the skin.  For these formulas you add the stated number of drops of essential oils to 30ml of carrier oil (this can also be a blend of carrier oils, my favorite being: Rosehip oil 50% Grapeseed oil 25% Almond oil 25% in other words 15ml Rosehip, 7,5ml Grapeseed 7,5ml Almond oil) Use this blended with the suggested essential oils. Rub it over your abdomen, your hips, lower back to the coccyx. the buttock flesh, the inner thighs, the upper arms, over the shoulder, into the armpit, and the breasts.

To make the bath blend you multiply the number of drops by 10, blend them together (full strength) in another dropper bottle. You then add 2-4 drops of this to a full bath, twice a week.

These recipes are a staring place to give you and idea how the blending process works, I have listed other relevant oils along with the formulas, feel free to add, and switch around to oils on the list you feel drawn to…have fun, and most importantly trust/follow your nose!

Do you have…

Violent/Aggressive PMS:

Palma Rosa 10 drops, Bergamot 10 drops, Geranium 10 drops

Narcissus  Nutmeg  Geranium  Palma Rosa  Jonquil  Bergamot  Parsley

Weeping/Depression PMS:

Rose (any) 9 drops, Clary Sage 12 drops, Bergamot 9 drops

Rose Bulgar   Rose Maroc   Clary Sage   Bergamot   Geranium   Nutmeg

Irritable/Disagreeable PMS:

Nutmeg 10 drops, Geranium 5 drops, Bergamot 15 drops

Jonquil   Nutmeg   Bergamot  Geranium   Clary Sage   Chamomile Roman

Apathetic/Tired/Listless PMS:

Clary Sage 10 drops, Grapefruit 18 drops, Jonquil 2 drops

Parsley   Clary Sage   Bergamot   Geranium   Grapefruit   Fennel   Chamomile Roman

Do you have congestive or spasmodic period pains?

Congestive Formula:

Chamomile Roman 10 drops, Clary Sage 5 drops, Red Thyme 15 drops

Spasmodic Formula:

Lavender 5 drops, Peppermint 10 drops, Nutmeg 10 drops, Cypress 5 drops

Are you…

Heavy bleeder?

Chamomile Roman 10 drops, Geranium 10 drops, Lemon 10 drops

or has your…

Period gone AWOL?

Yarrow 4 drops, Chamomile Roman 15 drops, Geranium 11 drops

All my current nightmares have much to do with these damned nightsweats! I fear that like my mother I am headed into an early perimenopause, which made me really happy to read the following:

For the Peri, Pre, and Post Menopausal:

Hot Flush/Flash Formula:

Clary Sage 10 drops, Geranium 11 drops,  Lemon 7 drops, Sage 2 drops

Day/Night Sweats Formula:

Grapefruit 10 drops,  Lime 10 drops,  Sage 5 drops,  Thyme 5 drops

Water Retention/Bloating Formula:

Fennel 5 drops,  Juniper 5 drops,  Lemon 15 drops, Peppermint 5 drops

Circulatory Problem Formula:

Geranium 10 drops,  Peppermint 5 drops,  Rose Maroc 10 drops,  Patchouli 5 drops

The essential oils are so wonderfully rewarding! I hope you have as much fun with them as i do!