Sex is in your blood…

(((Katrina and I went out to blog in public for the first time…it was much harder than I thought.)))

Masturbation and Menstruation are linked and yet I feel this link is missed by most of our society. Why?

When you get your period, your mother should take you out for one of those debauched steak dinners, pumpkin fritters, onion rings, mash and gravy. When you’re good and fed, she gives you your first taste of a good single malt/red wine (to let you know that not everything tastes and feels how you think it will). Then she welcomes you to womanhood with the gift of a small cute vibrator some good quality lube, and a frank talk about having a rich, wonderful sex life with yourself. Woman to Woman.

Here’s why I’m teaching my daughter about masturbation:

1) She cannot impregnate herself this way.

2) She cannot infect herself with anything.

3) She will not spread word about her sexploits with herself behind her own back.

4) She will have a practical understanding of her own “mechanics” and sexual process.

5) She will know that what feels really great to her body does not equate meeting her soul mate.

6) It will give her ownership of her orgasm.

Can we teach ourselves that self love includes self sex? Are we willing to live truly sex positive lives?

nicole x




One thought on “Sex is in your blood…

  1. 1smiles says:

    Excellant topic and post!!! Your daughter is a very lucky girl to have wise Mom like you!

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