Something lite…with a bite.

In the warming light of the fire I started for Hilary here is a little quid pro quo:

50 random facts about me:

I was at my parent’s wedding (sort of)

I love to watercolour.

I cut my own hair. I use the blade I shave my eyebrows with.

I cannot read sheet music (without a pencil, and decoder in my hand).

I can write and read in English upside down and in mirror image.

I regularly read the dictionary. I love words.

I watch well shot/staged/lit pieces of film frame by frame.

I enjoy reading the credits (at the end of a movie – in the tiniest print on the cd cover) I want to know who did the work:)

I believe in Magick and Miracles.

I don’t really like the beach (except in pictures).

I have my junior springbok colours (National) for small bore rifle marksmanship.

I need glasses to read.

I have four tattoos.

I am very good at wrapping presents.

My favorite incense is Golden Nag Champa.

“Six Feet Under” the Alan Ball HBO tv series is the best movie never made.

There is a 24 year age difference between Michael and I.

I drink more tea than coffee.

I smoked cigarettes for years and never liked it.

I recently started using a menstrual cup (very happily).

I am currently Debt Free.

Eggs fried in maple syrup are a breakfast treat.

The gemstone of the moment is Kyanite.

My kids and I call a toasted cheese sandwich “poor man’s pizza”.

The first plant I managed to keep alive is a Delicious Monster.

I fantasize about owning a bakery/dairy where you can get fresh wonderful cookies, and every kind of milk imaginable to dip them in…

I have animated conversations with Jasmine (my dog).

I eat smarties by colour preference (Smartie addict).

I find Woolworths food bland.

It usually takes me two days to eat a candy bar.

My toe nails change colour every two weeks.

I can play the piano handcuffed.

Never follow the recipe exactly.

Life is too short to be taken seriously.

Buy a house – it’s good for you.

I like to be given the benefit of the doubt (when it arises).

In the Tarot I feel most like The Fool.

Music of the moment: Ben Folds, and Leonard Cohen.

Book of the moment: Fragile Things – Neil Gaiman.

Acrylic nails Gel nails Silk nails – I hate them all!

I experience Lucid Dreams, and thereby multiple realities.

The song that makes me blush when I sing it is: Bed Of Roses by Bon Jovi.

Until I was 8 I believed in the “tooth mouse”.

I keep discovering that I am stronger than I think.

The first thing I read in the morning is Twitter.

I know truth to be subjective.

I think dying is poetic, which is not to say I am suicidal.

I have dreams where I am in a relationship with Eddie Vedder, and singing in a band with Thom Yorke. (these I like)

I have dreams this country is collapsing into chaos, that war erupts. I dream of bloodied twisted bodies in the street, and fear for my children. (these not so much)

My skin is so fair that it only takes 15 minutes in direct sunlight for me to burn red.


For hanging in and reading to the end a hug and kiss (x)








4 thoughts on “Something lite…with a bite.

  1. Penny says:

    What a good way to start my day…. I don’t usually think about myself – likes, dislikes, random fact or otherwise. I think I will take some time today to do this.

  2. Hilary says:

    Well done chicka – now I have to do my 50 facts (yay – at least I don’t have to think about what I am blogging about today).

    Of course, I am curious as to how you discovered that you can play piano handcuffed?

    • nicoletheron says:

      Katrina had handcuffs in her bag (?) when we went blogging at M&B…I said ooooooo….(you know me) and she let me take them. I was wearing them around – you know – making tea…and then I thought I wonder which songs I can play with my hands so close together? How far can I stretch it? and bam! I’ve only know for about 4 days…

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