The four “chambers” of my heart

The heart is made of four parts: The superior Atria (left and right) and the inferior Ventricles (left and right) .

2 Atria (for receiving)

nourish me

cuddle me

2 Ventricles (for discharging)

play me

surf me

What do your sacred spaces look like?

love always x





2 thoughts on “The four “chambers” of my heart

  1. Nella says:

    That’s so cool! I’ve learnt that the heart is the king (or queen) of the body and rightly so it likes to be raised above all the other organs. So treat it regally and dig your dorsal spine in and lift your sternum bone up and give your heart some space and height, especaially those of us at the computer. i feel the love in your queendom 😉

    • nicoletheron says:

      Really needed the reminder about the dorsal spine – and the idea of the heart being the ruling force in my body – for better of worse:)
      Now when can I come for my private yoga lessons???

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