uncomfortably numb

word count: 0

the internet blinked

a head in turmoil

nerve endings singed


dread and reluctance

early to start

a worm in the apple

a pie in the chart


the finger of blame

jambed in the door

a fly in the unguent

of keeping word score


I have no idea where that came from…well…some idea…


I just finished reading Steven Boykey Sidley’s debut novel Entaglement (there is a litte of that in there)

I have an early start tomorrow to train new clients in Afrikaans (after a 3 hour drive! that’s in there)

I have the worst migraine I’ve had in 5 years (that is in there for sure)

I happen to be floating on a Myprodol sea…


forgive me?








4 thoughts on “uncomfortably numb

  1. enigmatickat says:

    Hmmmmm, I know how this feels.

  2. 1smiles says:

    Hope you’re feeling better.

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