Wouldn’t you like to know

In a state of complete exhaustion tonight! (kindly overlook all typos)

LOOooooooOOOooooooong day behind me, and the Sun has just set, I cannot compose so I will answer questions kindly provided by Katrina. (This poem is in memory of her dad)

Katrina enquires:

Is there a moment or experience that shaped your spirituality? If so do you feel you could share it?

There are several moments and experiences that have shaped my relationship to my spirit…what comes to mind tonight though, is the moment I felt how forgiveness can reach around you like an embrace, pour back over your past, and leak into your future. In that moment I felt a certainty of the limitlessness that lives within unconditional self love.

 If you met Amanda Palmer and you could ask one question or make one statement, which would it be?

What would the question/ statement be and why?

The first thing I would do is open my arms, my chest, lift my spine and give her the warmest hug of gratitude from deep in my heart. Then I would ask if she would accept an aromatherapy massage, on any or all of her wonderful skin!?

It would have to be this question, because I know she loves a good massage, and I know I could express with aromatherapy oils and my hands, so much more of how her music makes me feel than I could ever say to her in words.

What is the significance of each of your tattoos?

The first tattoo was really to see if I could stand the “pain” (If I ever told anyone otherwise it was complete BS!)

The next tattoo was a medium sized dragon and a blade on my back…The blade to signify the sharp duality of perception, the dragon to express all four elements – Earth(cave)Air(wings)Fire(breath)Water(tears – dragon medicine). There are many more layers to this tattoo, but those are personal.

Then I had the celtic knot band made around my ankle – mostly to cover/hide the first tattoo (which is a blemish to my eyes). The symbol is the triquetra, and I chose it to remind myself of the three interconnected parts of womanhood: MaidenMotherCrone.

Lastly – the wedding band. I had this tattooed during my first marriage (about 2 years before the end actually). At the time love was all about pain, I guess to some extent I was expressing that. For better or worse there is no way I will ever be able to take off that ring.

Which of your own songs is your favourite and why?

Tough question…

My favourite to write was “out the window” (so far) because it wrote itself.

My favourite to sing totally depends on the state my voice (and if I remember to play the song in the right key) but the one that plugs me into the deep well of song without fail is “Just a Girl.”

My favorite to play…I really love them all…no really, I’m not just copping out – No! really…

What is your favourite colour? (I ask this because I honestly do not recall if you have told me before)

The last time I went through a colour thing was just after Michael moved in and everything had to be (horror) pink…but like morning sickness, thankfully, it passed. I don’t really have a favourite colour, but I love colours with clear bright tones, and mineral tones (across all shades). I am really into polka dots at the moment.

What is the worst reading you have ever had?

Besides the way most people read the 12 steps and the 12 principles in circles of recovery?

OK – don’t answer a question with a question (I know)

The worst reading I ever had…actually I am sure I don’t understand this question…

If there are any more questions, post them in the comments section and I will do my best to answer you.

Thank you all!




2 thoughts on “Wouldn’t you like to know

  1. enigmatickat says:

    I adore you answer regarding Amanda, somehow I knew I should expect the unexpected there 🙂

    You will need to play “Out of the window” for me 🙂
    I completely believe that they are all your favourite to play, I can relate to that.

    Firtstly, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
    Secondly, I was worried that this question might be obscure. I will have explain better when I have the presence of mind to do so.

    What has been your most loved project?

    • nicoletheron says:

      Different projects burn at different intensities, but I can’t really do something unless I’m wrapped up in it. This sometimes means ramping myself up to get into it.
      When you cocreate things, write them down, record them, you will have to learn the art of living with them…
      With songs there is the time you are getting to know them, this is a lush, in love kind of feeling. They visit you, whisper in your ear “come play with me”. It is like kissing a stranger – Thrilling…then six months pass, the thrill has worn off – does it go deeper? Sometimes not, and song shapes are abandoned, or ripped apart in search of good structure, or a way to deliver a vowel sound with my throat…sometimes this hurts (ripping songs apart, not my throat)…for the ones that survive, the changes start to settle in. You work hard turning the phrases, turning and turning to make them smooth, make them say how she feels. You sharpen the knife to pare down the notes, stripping to reveal the carcass of the melody – this always hurts, but if you let yourself get stuck in self criticisms the song will die here, and it will be your fault.
      After the dissection comes the remembering, and if you get it right, you go back to the in love feeling, but this time it’s deeper, richer, you have laid the foundations to be able to play together for as long as you both move air – this is like a wedding vow between the instrument (which is made up out of the piano and me) and the song.
      I have not yet come to a place where I have only love for a project, but what keeps me going is my deep love of all the parts of the creative process.

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