am i invisible?

I get hurt (feelings) very easily.

I know this, I look out for my tendency toward self pity.

I was about to plaster on my happy face this morning – but the hurt in my chest just won’t let me.

Here goes my attempt to get this off my chest.

I told two friends yesterday that I needed to talk, and asked if they would let me know when they had time for me to call. Neither person has let me know that it’s ok to call, that they have time to hear me…nothing…

I just want a semi-objective witness/sounding board, not a solution.

How do you have meaningful friendships without giving people the power to hurt you?

from a heart in recoil



2 thoughts on “am i invisible?

  1. sonicsiesta says:

    Nics I don’t belive you can have the cake and not get “fat” it is part of the why it needs to happen. I read this again and it all seems criptic. My expierence is that without telling people what you feeling or wanting then they will not know what you need.

    I know what I am working thorugh is that if I do not ask I do not get….my learning curve right now is to know what I want to fight for…
    my last week has been really lonely and I have felt like a wall flower. no one wants to hurt someone elso on purpose….well not this semi sane falible human

  2. 1smiles says:

    I’ve been in the same place as you are many times. I’ve learned from those times that everyone will hurt us sometimes. It’s human. Try as I might, I know I’ve hurt those I care for too.
    I’m sorry you feel so alone. I’ve been there too. What I learned from the alone times was that I needed to put more people into my life. I’m a social person so I had to reach out and fill up those empty places inside me.
    Sending you hugs,

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