This month of blog posts has given me insight into the level of engagement possible, and the costs and rewards for getting into the writing trenches. I have to admit to being guilty of adding to the noise, because I cannot still my thinking.

After a mad week and an emotionally charged weekend, I am feeling shattered and in need of retreat to my cave to lick my mental and emotional wounds.  All I can do is perform a self blessing, and grant myself rest. This is the only kind of love I believe that there is.

Here is the outline for a self blessing  (we do this when in need, which is more important than moon phase or day of the week) Adapted from pg 378/379 of the Wicca Bible by Ann-Marie Gallagher (

You will need:

1 white candle

Salt crystals

Frankincense/Neroli/Bergamot Anointing oil (use virgin olive oil in a pinch)

Skyclad (that’s witchy for Naked)

Cast the circle,

Starting in the East, welcome the element of Air, then Fire (North), Water (West) and finally  Earth (South)

At the centre welcome Spirit:

“In the Centre, at the margins and in all the spaces in between, element of Spirit guide and protect me.”

Sprinkle the Salt on the floor in front of you and step onto it

“Earth beneath my feet offer me sanctuary from the cares of the world”

Light the candle and step back from it.

With the oil anoint your feet, knees, sex, breast, lips

“Blessed be my feet that they may walk the sacred path…

Blessed be my knees that they may never kneel in fear…

Blessed be my womb (phallus) without which we would not be…

Blessed be my breast and the strong heart within…

Blessed be my lips that they may speak Her will”

Step into the light of the candle,

“I step into the light of the Goddess, into Her arms, and into Her protection

where light is my sheild, and an embrace my armour,

She walks in my foot steps, She is above, and below me, to the East and West

Before, and behind me

Within and around me”

Close your eyes and focus on the warmth coming from the candle – stay there as long as your need directs.

Blessed Be

with pagan love x



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