come play dollies with me?

They never tell you truth is subjective, they only tell you not to lie…

they never tell you there is strength in vulnerability, they only tell you not to cry…

I cannot take credit for those lines, I heard them on a Gary Jules cd called trading snakeoil for wolftickets (yes the one that has mad world on it). They work for me as a mantra when I have to step outside of my subjective perspective to create a character, or a tone, or hold a space for a particular expression or experience.

Last night I stood to play to a group of gathered women these songs that so often make us cry. I gave to them the words of one woman’s remorse that her fear appeared to a person she loved as a coldness, or a lack of caring. The words of empowerment that say, my sex is not all I have to give! Words of reminder that your behavior and your attitude are a choice you make. Words that cannot be heard over the din of a bar, or in the glare of a public space. Words that need the comfort of candle light, 3ply tissues, and your closest friends embrace. This is the space for medicinal music. If you would like to come to or host one of these truly intimate musical experiences (i  think of them as a musical unlacing of the mental and spiritual corsets we find in our feminist intensity), please send a message to (small groups please between 2 and 8 people, and in your personal space. I will provide the equipment and make up if you want to doll up with me).

dolled up

skipping beats




Free to choose?

There is a story here, It is a human story and it has been told in many voices. Including mine. Please add your voice so that it will be heard before the South African courts. We want to change the laws surrounding end of life choice. You can help.

much love as always