the only kind of love as i understand it that there really is

i have heard these words preached over, spouted, as a snide remark, but not until i applied them to myself did they have any value…you may have read these, heard them, lived with them, but have you ever taken them in?

Love is patient : Would it serve me to be more serene/forgiving/tolerant of how i am right now?

Love is kind : In what way can i show myself courtesy/generosity/warmth?

It does not envy: Is there bitterness/resentment/longing that i can let go of?

It does not boast: Have i been blowing hot air ? Talking to hear the sound of my own voice?

It is not proud: Has the faith people have put in me gone to my head?

It is not rude: Have i been sarcastic/flippant/violent?

It is not self-seeking: Have i been so lost in “finding/expressing/defending myself” that i have not been present in my life?

It is not easily angered: How does my fuse look? What can i do to calm/centre/settle myself?

It keeps no record of wrongs: Have i been critical of others? Can i let an old grudge go?

When i find myself feeling loveless this is my “go to” list. Without fail it gives me a starting point for where my attitude or behaviour needs to be adjusted. It gives me a focus point, some guidelines. Sometimes it gives me the brutal truth about myself.

Then i ask myself “If you saw someone you love feeling how you are feeling now, what would you do for them?”

i do that for myself, even if it feels awkward!

with love as always




4 thoughts on “the only kind of love as i understand it that there really is

  1. Nella says:

    Thank you for sharing that precious information, a guide and a direction when we feel lost. I often ask what is Love? And these answers resonate. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I love you xxx

  2. nicoletheron says:

    Nella xx So many of these thoughts and practices we came upon together. I treasure our love, and thank you for the depth of your sharing. always.

  3. enigmatickat says:

    Thank you does not even begin to express my gratitude. I am always amazed at how good it feels when you rub salt on my wounds. 🙂 Much love!

  4. nicoletheron says:

    Kat, there is such a thing as good pain. It leads to healing. lovelovelove

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