This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from… some people seem so comfortable talking about themselves, today, more and more i am uneasy, chasing thoughts around my head, where only little light is…someone smart would just pick a side, someone driven would sacrifice, someone i am not, somethings i just will not do. we talk about knowing who you are talking to? but i feel like a snow queen, talking to hear my voice echo in my head – i don’t want to sell advertising space, or have millions of visitors, who wants a million people reading your very private thoughts? who wants everyone looking? i had a circle, a small coven once, but our defenses got in the way of any actual magick – no respect for the pace, and me too timid to take it by the reigns… some chances once you miss them they don’t come again…never was a cornflake girl, thought that was a good solution? my mother died, people suck in their cheeks, and tut, and try to look sympathetic, i don’t even know how i’m going to feel about it day to day – sometimes i feel relieved to be free of her constant need of approval from me, mostly i wish i knew her better. at least i’m dreaming again – except – it feels more like something is dreaming through me, something i say because the feeling is very strange, like shape shifting, and walking on the dog’s legs… four is an adaptation when you’re trying to do the walking with your brain. the body has intelligence that is it’s own a fact that is easier to know when you realise the secret of relaxation. first you must answer what is tension? for me tension is when the mind has seized the body- like the body the mind must be rested, this is harder than falling asleep, because in falling asleep we fall into the realm of the mind, experiencing vivid and profound things there, we call these dreams or nightmares, and just write them off at that – this is the manifestation of your mental reality. what if you don’t dream, or don’t remember your dreams? a sure sign of an unrested mind, or a mind in unrest, either way a dangerous thing, because as with all things exhausted accidents happen, perspective is so skew.i have an underutilised body, and an exhausted mind. to rest the mind i must do something with my body alone – the only thing i can think of is masturbation. i think you know enough about me now…


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