And, so, fourth…

I work at and from home. On any given day you could find me doing minor repairs to the house, digging in dirt and wetting things that grow, caring for an injured animal, painting my face while i create a character that can tell the stories from my dreams to the world when she’s awake, the list of possible permutations is limited only by my skills – which grow constantly. Yesterday was a 3 shift day… it started as always with the ‘mommy’ part of my job – getting a teen and preteen ready for the second day back at school – not as horrible as it would seem, my kids are team players making our mornings easier. After the school run, i got back to a garden that needed wetness, the seeds of a new song about scenesters, and an idea about shooting little videos on my mobile phone. (a phone smarter than some people I know, and certainly more intuitive than many) I just plonked the phone on top of the piano, hit record, and played the song I was working on in my head while i watered the conifers – the light in the room was all wrong, since light is often what makes the shot… I had to find a way to black out the double glass doors in my little piano corner, and get more light on my face. (I used candles because I always have so many and I love the way candle flame illuminates the skin. Amber light that makes a girl feel really good about herself.) This was fun! After getting the set up right, and creating an interesting backdrop on my bookshelves, it was time for costume and makeup – my favorite part! I chose a black under thing bought at a market for 50 rands, and subtle enhancements for eyes, and lashes – glampuss in her undies:) Five songs and several camera angles later (you can get really creative even with a static camera – provided you watch the space of the frame you have an area to play in, which i really started getting in to) i realised it was time to collect the children – i pulled a crazy corporate kinda over thing over the sexy black under thing, slipped into my red heels, and headed out – two schools, two complements, a lot of stares from moms in tracksuits and we were home for the afternoon. Next shift – homework, mediation, when my love comes home feeling, shitty! Third shift – nurse…in sexy black under thing – i think that lacy thing gave me the strength to keep going – after dinner, i sat down to cover all the school books in plastic, wearing only the under thing with Leonard Cohen Live in London on in the background. Midnight i was sitting on the couch, taking a well deserved break, and feeling very satisfied with my output for the day:)

I love how life offers up these gifts of simple pleasure, and how simple pleasure can lead to feelings of empowerment. I also love my little black under thing, and my very smart phone:) life is good! (this was fun!!)


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